Local Initiatives Nurturing Change

Enabling change for women

Willowdene is pioneering women’s services across Warwickshire and West Mercia.  Commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to develop and deliver a Whole System Approach to women’s services, we have established the LINC Project.  

LINC (Local Initiatives Nurturing Change) brings together the private, public and third sectors to offer a holistic solution for women to access the  support they need, when they need it, and to combat issues including housing, abuse, exploitation, unemployment, personal finance and mental health.  Combining specialist support services with practical hands-on training and work experience, the LINC Project equips and empowers women to break free from past obstacles and traumas and step into the life they were made to live. 


Find the space, safety and support to help you break free from the situations that have held you back in life, dragged you down, and led you to places you’d rather not have gone, so that you can become the person you were meant to be, and step into the life you were made for.


Discover talents you never knew you had, learn skills that may previously have seemed out of reach, and grow your abilities, confidence and belief, so that you can truly begin to unlock your potential, unleash your passion, and build the future you really want.


Once you know what the future you want looks like, and understand the amazing potential that you have, it’s time to make those possibilities become a reality, starting by taking advantage of the work and volunteering opportunities that LINC has to offer.

Creating a better future

No matter what the past has contained, it can only define the future if it is allowed to control what lies ahead.  Experiences, situations and circumstances have brought you to where you are today, but tomorrow is in your hands.  You have a choice: to acknowledge, address and take control of the issues of your past that continue to affect you today; or to bury your head in the sand and allow the life you have today to be the life you have tomorrow.

The Women’s LINC project is specifically designed to equip and empower you to face your past, so that you can discover, build and grow into the future you are meant to live.  As you engage with the support and opportunities available to you through the project, you will discover hope, begin the  process of becoming who you are meant to be, start building the life you were made for and grow into all of the potential that has laid hidden in you until today.

The Women’s LINC Project is all about nurturing change, positive change: the way you think; your approach to life; the way you see yourself; how your future will play out.

That change flows out of the hope that you will gain through all that you learn, experience and explore during your time on the Project, including hands-on work experience, practical training and counselling.

With the hope of a better future growing inside you, the Women’s LINC Project will help you to discover the real you.

As you discover who you really are, and take part in our engaging courses and supportive small groups, you will begin to cast aside the words and actions that have, up to now, held you back and cut you down, and replace them with a true and positive picture of who you really are.

Working with other organisations from across the region, the Women’s LINC Project provides you with opportunities to extend the skills and abilities that you already have, as well as gain the new skills and abilities that you need to grow into the person that you want to be, and build the future that you want to have.

The Women’s LINC Project isn’t just about putting in place a foundation, or giving you the skills and confidence to just get started.  Through our network of partners, you will have access to the ongoing support, help and encouragement that you need to keep moving forward, so that you can truly become all that you are meant to be.

Discover more about our Women's Services

If you are a professional looking to refer women to our service, or a woman looking for support and to begin a process of positive life transformation, please contact Mo or Sophie on (01746) 718658, or complete the contact form below.

If you would like to download a copy of our LINC Project flyer for professionals to share with your team, please click here.

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