Lasting Life Transformation

Since 1988, Willowdene has been working with men and women facing complex issues and challenges to achieve lasting transformation from a life filled with chaos to a life filled with purpose.



Changing Lives Since 1988

For more than 30 years, Willowdene has been a pioneer of innovative rehabilitative solutions for men and women facing the complex issues that stem from a life filled with factors including offending behaviour, homelessness, poor mental health, substance misuse, and general disconnection from community and society at large.

Through our innovative rehabilitative pathway, targeted training, wrap-around support and social enterprise activities, we provide men and women facing a life filled with hopelessness an opportunity to take control of their future and build a life filled with purpose, intent and confidence.

Proven and unique in its methodology, our approach to rehabilitation encompasses purposeful activity, relevant training, and therapeutic input.

Addressing not only the visible signs of the effects of destructive behaviour and beliefs, but also the root of those patterns of behaviour and beliefs, our proven model equips men and women to discover and build the  life they were made for.

Covering 11 vocational areas, our innovative approach engages men and women for whom traditional learning models are often counter-productive.

In a non-institutional environment, our innovative methods to demonstrate and teach concepts, skills and theory, enable our students to achieve nationally recognised qualifications, as well as skills that equip and empower them to take their place in a working society.

LINC (Local Initiatives Nurturing Change) is our innovative approach to providing women’s services.  LINC is all about nurturing positive change in the way women facing complex life circumstances think, approach life, see themselves, and build their future.

That change flows out of the hope and belief that is gained through all that the women learn, experience and explore during their time on the Project.

Whether it’s a team meeting, workshop, training course, team building activity or conference, our flexible packages and fully equipped facilities will meet your requirements.

Not only do Willowdene’s exceptional facilities provide the perfect setting, hosting your event at a social venue supports the ongoing transformative work we do.

As a social business, we rely on generating additional sources of income to enable us to continue driving innovation and to support the ongoing delivery of our core services.

Our social enterprise activities – including farming, handicrafts and conferencing – not only generate vital revenue, they also provide real-world hands-on experience for our students. 

Willowdene in the News

One thing you can be sure of at Willowdene is that we never stand still.  The mantra we encourage our students to embrace – without change, everything stays the same – is the same mantra we live by.  It is that commitment to embracing the adventure that lies ahead of us that drives our innovation and constant pursuit of excellence in everything we do.  As a result, we often have news to share, and you’ll find all of our latest updates right here. 

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